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coordinator, the institute for health and recovery, cambridge, massachusetts; jim williams, executive director, the association of recovery schools, houston, texas. ben, the millennial generation goes 18- to 25-year-olds, more or less. talk to me about what are the major characteristics of this cohort? i really think our ability to connect using social media and all the other technology resources are really a strength and a defining characteristic of this age group. very good. alison, obviously, we have heard of the many challenges in the mental health area that this generation faces. can you describe some of those challenges for us? sure; this generation is facing mental health challenges that we haven't seen in generations past, and i think ranging from them growing up with instances like 9/11, columbine, virginia tech, some of the more prominent mental health and tragic situations have really just caused young adults to grow up in a different environment, in a different world. and at the same time, there's more awareness around mental health issues, and there's some more talking about it. a
that glitch. but at the end of the day, this is really the massachusetts plan. and ed, 97% of the people in massachusetts are insured. and that brings peace of mind and happiness. >> senator, what's your reaction to the supreme court taking up the contraception mandate? >> i think it had to be taken up, because as you know, there are court opinions all over the place. but i really want to make a case here. if this court is truly for individual freedom, it should think about the individual rights of the people who work in corporations all across america. it is their right to make a decision. and i don't know if you're aware of this. it surprised me to learn this originally. 50% of the people who take birth control, of the women, take it for a medical condition. and it prevents cancer and other gynecological problems. so if an employer is stopping you from that, they're going to stop you from getting your kids a vaccine, if their christian scientists. so i think -- look, i believe in a conscience clause, obama administration has one for religious institutions. but that's as far as it shoul
hebrew and published in 1640. it was done by the puritans out of the massachusetts bay, colony. one of the remaining copies will be auctioned by soth by's in new york. and the estimated value 15 to $30 million. >> if they only knew back then what they were making. >> right. >>> tony and stephie are cooking up turkey, bolognese. >> i love the smell of basil. >> i thought you were eating. >> i could try a little piece of fresh basil once in a while. it is good for you. gives you clean breath, i hear. >> and it does. >> and we browned the turkey a little bit. sauteed it with white onions. >> once it was brown, we put in the tomato paste. the tomato paste covers everything and then add the sauce and then 5-10 minutes, it comes together and it reduces down. >> we will add some cheese here. >> when you add cheese, a little bit of pasta water because the cheese will take out any moisture. >> nice and spicy with a lot of red pepper. >> go ahead. >> is that all right? >> perfect. >> regular pepper and a touch of oregano. >> put that on top. and this is what we meant with the color. isn't tha
, your smart parents have decided instead of driving all the way to massachusetts, you get to fly. >> we are leaving today. we just bought the tickets last night. we didn't want to drive. >> you just bought last night? how expensive was that? >> it was painful. >> as for the airlines, they are not running scared just yet. >> a storm this lanch throughout the east coast is going to have some effect on the flight system. but looks like the airlines are going to tough it out and not precancel flights like they would before a winter storm. >> some airlines have liberal rebooking policies and will let you make a change due to the weather. that won't be easy this weekend. >> you should try to stick out the flight you've got. even if it's a little delayed. >> at national airport, peggy fox, wusa9. >> now if you are the one of the 39 million americans expected to travel by car, you might want to fill up today. according to aaa fuel gauge report, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is $3.29 today. that's up a penny since yesterday and 8 cents since last week. you ca
that were mixed at a massachusetts pharmacy. new england compounding center. jim axelrod is here to get us up to date on the case. jim? >> reporter: we learned today that the federal investigation into n.e.c.c. is at a crile cal phase and a source says charges could be filed soon after the first of next year. that would be welcome news for scott shaw in denton, north carolina, who's been making regular trips to the cemetery for 13 months now mourning his mother. >> we could take the dying, but the suffering was beyond what we could take. >> reporter: she was a vibrant 77-year-old until she took tainted steroid injections compounded by n.e.c.c. for a bulging disk in her back and contracted fungal meningitis. she died a cruel death, plagued by crippling headaches and excruciating sensitivity to light. >> it was literally a war going on within her body. she had a fungus that was growing that was taking her over and the most powerful drugs we had trying to hold it back. >> reporter: shaw was one of 64 people to die from contaminated drugs compounded by n.e.c.c. 687 others were sickened. one ye
. and northeast we have the winter storm warnings as well as watches in effect over towards parts of massachusetts and cape cod. we're looking at windy conditions there. as we go to the next couple of days we're looking at a lot of rain, unfortunately, up and down the eastern seaboard. we're seeing anywhere between two to four inches of rain, and in some parts that will affect the major airports boston, laguardia, newark, down the atlanta. the snow will go all the way down to parts of pittsburgh. we'll keep you informed on this throughout the evening. >> thank you. president obama is calling on house republicans to stop standing in the way of immigration reform. he told a san francisco audience that the reform measure approved in the senate would strengthen boarders and offer path to citizenship. >> republicans say they're hesitant to do it in one large piece. it's thanksgiving, we'll carve that bird in all different pieces. we'll start working on the core valley that everyone has been talking about so long. nobody is worried about the procedure. they just want the respect. >> moments later the pr
californians into the program is is a very good sign. we remember that in massachusetts when they passed their health care law in 2006, only 123 people signed up in the first month and the rush came at the end. so all of these are -- these are good signs for the exchanges and for the affordable care act. >> david, i hate to quibble with a nobel prize winning economist but i think that paul has not compared the correct numbers or the ones that are most relevant to the measurement of success in california. it is true that about 22% of the population is 18 to 34 years old and 32.5% of new enrollees are in that age group. but that group represent over 40% of the uninsured. about 42% of the uninsured. california is not capturing them all but they never expected at this stage to be capturing them all. they had a more modest expectation in this first year. and that's one of the things that is present across the board in the expectations. >> i think the other thing is beyond the numbers are the human stories. the washington post had an extraordinarily poignant story. all of these people, many of
in massachusetts. >> caller: hi, mr. cramer. thanks for taking my call. >> my pleasure. >> caller: giant interactive, g.a. >> oh, chinese play. it does have momentum, but i'm not going there. i recommend bidu. i reiterate that i like yahoo!. why? it's got the alibaba stake and i think that will be gigantic. chris in new york. >> caller: hey, jim. how you doing? >> good, chris. you? >> caller: good, good. i acquired pxd at 185. >> let me spend time for a second on the independent oil companies. a lot of people feel they are over it. we know oil could fall further. the stocks are ahead of the commodities. they have come down a lot. i like pioneer but let's understand. i like e.o.g. more than pioneer. i think e.o.g. will have better prices than pioneer t at these levels. larry in ohio. >> caller: yes, cramer. >> yeah. >> caller: i want to know what you think about i bought some facebook. >> facebook had a big run. my charitable trust rang the register today. why? because we have been greedy. we have made a lot of money from my charitable trust for action owners we don't like bein
u.s. troops in afghanistan says he prefers a prison in massachusetts because they have better medical treatment. what do you think of that? >> this is like a scene out of a hollywood disaster movie. take a look at this. we can't hear it there but you see the road explode right there front of that vehicle. this happened in russia. the road erupts right in front of the driver. a dash board camera caught the whole thing. the driver escaped. it is believed a gas main erupted under the road. >>> chaos caught on camera as a deer burst through the window of a frozen yogurt shop in new jersey. the drama playing out at the peach wave yogurt store. the deer slides all over the floor and knocks over dining chairs, tables. i guess he was looking for sprinkles or something. an employee from another business came over to help the owner get the deer out but the damage was done, about $5,000 worth. >>> we all know first grade can be really stressful. ask this girl. she was feeling so overwhelmed by all the homework, so what did she decide to do? she wrote her senator, joe manchin, west virgin
of borious. that will be over cape cod, massachusetts, maybe down into the east area. on the other side of this storm is the winter side. cold air will filter in. we'll be looking at snow and ice, the highest snowfall total hes. then this area year in the purplish color, that is going to be your freezing rain and ice area. that will be a big problem. so as far as the snowfall total in the forecast, between, good news is we're staying away from some of the biggest hubs here, boston, new york, down to d.c. but we have some significant snowfall off to the west, western new york state 5 to 8 inches, to the east of buffalo another 5 to 8. .then 3 to 5 in general here across much of central parts of new york state. so the timing on this storm is definitely awful. back to you. >> yeah. so the message is, go now. take an extra day, go now if you're going to travel. >> yes. >> good to see you. that's the weather channel's keith carlson. >>> the vix has fallen in multi year lows. some investors are setting up positions to profit from a jump in it. ahead of the fomc meeting in december. and he rej
it easier for businesses to offer coverage just like it did in massachusetts when employer coverage increased after reform passed. charlie and norah? >> sharyl, thank you. >>> pope francis welcomed russian president vladimir putin. their meeting monday steered clear of one of the most heated issues between the vatican and russia. they didn't mention the strain between the roman catholic church and the russian orthodox church. they did discuss the civil war in syria. the vatican called if the meeting cordial but putin did not invite the pope to visit russia. rning's headlines. the miami herald looks at a secret perform by the cia to turn prisoners at guantanamo bay into secret agents. prisoners were sent home to help the united states kill terrorists. it was carried not a secret facility a few hundred yards from the administrative offices. it was known as penny lane. >>> fascinating "the wall street journal" said wall mark named douglas mcmillan as its next ceo. at 47 he will be the youngest executive since sam walton to lead the retail giant. mcmillan has spent almost all of his pro
values not once, but twice. visit only place i can get a seat at a table now. in massachusetts i cannot get a reservation because people don't seem to agree all the time with me. it is not that bad. generally with the security cameras, we are okay. stuart: we all have to live with that. we appreciated, thank you. >> take care. stuart: the registered nurse, used to run an emergency room at a hospital. does she think obamacare will help those emergency room's? joins us next. stuart: another move up for the dow today. two more this program: $4.18000 next year. right not 16,090. tiffany's a big winner bid to strong in asia, new high for the stock $87, up 7%. and then there is take two interactive. they make grand theft auto. that stock is down 4%. look at the social media stocks, they took a big hit yesterday. down 8%. they are all flat, slightly higher today. another big name you know, despite a sales barnes & noble. down another 4%. and next, we talked to a nurse turned congresswoman. what does she think they will do to the emergency room's? next. dysfunction - dysfunction - it could be a
the map. guest: i would agree with that. it is an imprecise term. in massachusetts on our line for independents. caller: i have been watching c- span for seven years, and i think this is a critical topic, and i want to say thank you to both of them, especially robert, for 20 years of opening this pandora's box. host: thank you. we go to alabama. caller: it sounds as though poverty is being equated with laziness. know theike to statistics for individuals that have college degrees that are receiving some of these benefits because they cannot find jobs. guest: i do not think laziness is the proper word. i do think that maintaining a strong work ethic and trying to be in the labor force as much as possible is an important factor in escaping poverty, but i also realize that in the current time there are millions of americans that simply cannot find jobs, and that is a problem with the current economy. is it is not so much laziness, but it is a question up inen somebody shows the welfare office and says i cannot find a job, i have children to support, i need assistance, i do not want
there now. but there may be humans on the moon inside that 10-year window if massachusetts s oh in fostering the development of commercial space and entrepreneurial space to the extent we are doing up. there are some private enterprises who believe they can put humans on the moon. have formal agreements with some of them to provide engineering expertise and other assistance in a nonreimbursable basis. it is conceivable. my belief is that it probably is a little bit outside the 10-year time frame. different.0's were [laughter] of things a lot happening with race, the breakdown, of the structure of society. i was only out of the seminary and in new england. but there were no rules. ms. -- things were falling apart. and without structure, it is very difficult to navigate. i was extremely fortunate to be at holy cross. i was extremely fortunate to still have had a residual mob of the way i was raised i -- and the structure that the nuns had given me, the structure that the seminary had given me. i was also extremely fortunate because i had already and in predominantly white schools. i was the on
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)